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This weekend - Beachbuggin

Hi folks. 

This weekend we will be at Beachbuggin on Southsea Common with the fantastic South Coast Transporters club.

We did want to sponsor the show, we sponsor lots of events in the south and sponsor quite a few local clubs however despite asking the day after last years show if we could sponsor this show the organisers chose a rival company. I'm sure if you google local clubs and shows in the south and see who puts money back into the scene you'll soon notice who does and who doesn't. 

I would love to have sponsored the show, I think they chose the wrong company to sponsor the show and so do a lot of friends and other associated businesses but hey ho it's their choice.

If you want to talk about remapping or anything T4 or T5 related then come and pay us a visit in the South Coast Transporters club pitch. 

Thank you.