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EGR Delete Pipe for the VW T5 2.5 AXD/AXE

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EGR delete pipe for the 130bhp and 174bhp T5 (before 2006 versions with DPF's). Get rid of that ugly pointless EGR and fit a nice smooth flowing EGR bypass pipe. 

Forge Motorsport EGR replacement kit. This kit is like no other for the T5 5 cylinder 2.5 diesel engine.

It not only removes the restriction of the EGR valve but also fixes the common oil leak issue with the OEM hose and coupler.

The Forge in house CNC machined EGR adapter, blanking cap and hose coupler complete with oil resistant hose addresses all issues providing the most comprehensive kit available.

No cutting of original hoses required. 

The removal of the EGR valve, even those which are working perfectly, will give an increase in power, but most of the EGR valves after a period of time, compounded by those vehicles used on short journeys, will partially block and lead to power loss and poor running if they are not cleaned or replaced. This really is a worthwhile modification.

Please be aware the engine management light will come on and the glow plug light will flash, which will not effect  the way the vehicle drives. However you may wish to get the ECU remapped by us to overcome this.