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Powerflex Bushes for VW T4

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The prices shown on our website are per bush.
To get the total pack price you will need to multiple this price by the number of bushes per vehicle.

Bush Price x Qty Per Car = Pack Price

You need 2 bushes for all items apart from Rear Anti Roll Bar bushes and Front steering rack mount bush bolts where you will need 4 and on the Diff mounting kit you need 1 only. 

Please check against the diagram to make sure you order the correct bushes.

  • PFF85-1101 fits early vehicles 1991-1996
  • PFF85-1131 fits late vehicles 1997-2004
  • PFF85-1104-23 fits 23mm front anti roll bar from 1991 to 1996
  • PFF85-1103-23 fits 23mm front anti roll bar from 1996 to 2004
  • PFF85-1103-27 fits 27mm front anti roll bar all years
  • PFF85-1107 not needed for 27mm it only fits 23mm diameter anti roll bars.
  • PFF85-1120-* Vehicles between 1991 & 1994 use either 8mm or 10mm bolts, please check, later vehicles use 10mm bolts.
  • PFR85-1020 KIT3 only fits the rear diff on Syncro models

In addition to the Road Series parts listed please check the Black Series website for other bushes suitable for this car that may be more suited to Track/Race use.

 T4 van diagram