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Remap - VW T5.1 or T6 with DPF

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VW T5 tuning at it's best. We are main agents for Pendle Performance, the UK's leading Transporter tuning company. All vehicles are personally tuned by Pendle Performance using our MAHA MSR 500 2WD rolling road. This includes a before and after dyno print out, all diagnostics and data logging.

If you own a T5.1 or later model and are having DPF problems we can also carry out a forced regeneration service for you. We check the levels of ash in the DPF before and after to ensure that we have cleared as much as the regeneration process allows us to do. 

The law requires your vehicle to have a fully functioning DPF and as such replacement may be the only option if you wish to drive it on the roads. 

With this model of T5.1 or T6 it is possible that your DPF will be blocked. We can unblock the DPF however this is for vehicles that will not be used on public roads or will be fitted with a new DPF - if we carry out this work you agree that this is a temporary fix and that you will be fitting a new DPF within 7 days.

We will not risk damaging your vehicle by tuning it with a partially or fully blocked DPF.  

You can return to us to have a new DPF fitted and the DPF function switched back on.  It is you who makes the decision to drive it on public roads. We cannot and will not be held responsible if you use your van with the DPF removed or modified on public roads. 

We will refund the 50% of the cost of the DPF unblocking service when you return to have a new DPF fitted. Fitting a new DPF is NOT part of this unblocking service, the actual cost of fitting a new DPF will depend on the cost of the new DPF and any sensors that are needed plus recalibrating the system after.