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T5 2.5 250bhp upgrade kit for AXD/AXE engines

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  • £3,300.00

We specialise in taking your 2.5 130/174bhp T5 up in power whilst retaining its reliability.

We can take your T5 up to around 250bhp with a hybrid turbo, front mount intercooler (either from Forge Motorsports or Wagner Tuning) and a 3" exhaust system from PP Tuning or Milltek.

The price varies depending on what set up you go for - below is our price list for these set ups - these are subject to change so please check with us.T5 upgrades

Front Mount Intercooler, exhaust and turbo packages: 
T5 2.5 AXD/AXE (2004-2006 no DPF) 
Starting from £2750 (plus vat) - includes Forge FMIC, PPTuning 3” exhaust system, turbo, tuning and fitting.


Wagner Tuning FMIC
Milltek stainless twin exit system
Forge EGR bypass pipe
Please contact us if you want to make any changes to the above set up and we will get back to you with prices.